Julie Campbell


Caring, compassionate — with a bright future

Julie Elin Campbell was born on July 19, 1954 in Massachusetts. She was the beloved daughter of Carole and Ken Campbell. And sister to Clay, Bruce and Lori. Julie was a remarkable young woman who truly cared about others.

It is unfortunate that both of Julie’s parents and her brother Bruce have passed away – never knowing what happened to her. Her brother Clay and sister Lori are hopeful that there is someone who will step forward and help solve this heinous crime.

Here’s what her brother Clay recalls about Julie: “Julie was high energy – an above average, intelligent young woman. From the time she was just a kid, she operated from a moral high ground, with a strong sense of social justice. Julie didn’t seem to have any issue with challenging authority, whether familiar, or political, particularly if she perceived some kind of offence to any individual or group. She was a true champion of the underdog and the downtrodden. There must be a DNA strain in our family, because as much as we all contributed and volunteered, Julie was possibly the most generous of us all. She volunteered on the VD hotline, animal clinics, and worked for Lahey Hospital in the records department.

I think of Julie – and often wonder what she would be doing now 35 years later if she hadn’t been murdered. And there’s no doubt in my mind that she’d be running a social service system that would have world-wide impact. She was that dedicated. That compassionate. And that talented.”Pictured here in this 1976 photo: (L to R) Julie’s brother’s Clay, Bruce (deceased), her Mom Carole (deceased), Julie, and sister Lori